Joe Desuta Founder Gone Phishing Consulting

About Us

Founder insight

Joe Desuta is the founder of Gone Phishing Consulting and has been a technology leader for over 20 years. He has had the pleasure to serve as a CIO and independent consultant for many organizations across various industries.

Joe built his career on a few fundamental tenets: Service, Flexibility, and Integrity. These tenets have provided him with a broad base of experience managing every aspect of IT in a way that drives value for the enterprise. 

It is through these experiences and desire to make a positive impact that Joe recognized the need to bring security awareness training to the world in a way that will genuinely make a difference. 

By combining the use of simulated phishing technology with the educational curriculum, he was able to create a security awareness experience that is both turnkey and affordable. 


A dedicated team of experts 

With partners in the security field, Gone Phishing is backed by fellow information security experts – including the providers of high-quality security training content, phishing testing software, security advisors, and independent security consultants and managed service providers. Together, we are ready to help turn your workforce into a human firewall against cybersecurity attacks.