Technology Assessments

Technology Assessments

Security Technology Assessments

Gone Phishing Consulting contends that no amount of cybersecurity can ever be enough. Cybersecurity will always be a technology arms race between your company and the collective cybercriminals of the entire world. It is a daunting situation. Since most attacks begin through phishing, security awareness is the main focus of Gone Phishing. However, we can do things in addition to training to help tilt the odds in your favor. 

Gone Phishing Consulting has the resources and expertise to perform a customized security technology assessment. Our approach is different than many companies. We want to work with you to find and remediate security flaws as efficiently as possible. We also right-size our assessments for your organization's size and security maturity—no upselling or cross-selling. The goal is to improve your security. Efficiently... affordably... Period.

Industry-Specific Technology Assessments

The same custom and focused approach apply to technology assessments that leverage deep industry or technology experience. The assessments can focus on specific pain points or can be a holistic examination of your company. Each assessment is customized to reach your goals efficiently. For example, our founder, Joe Desuta, has performed technology assessments for real estate brokers and MLS associations all over the US. Some real-life examples of goals covered in evaluations include:

  • Review the lead generation process and offer recommendations that will lead to more transactions. Review the vendor's proposal, provide recommendations that improve SEO and SEM in general.
  • Review the current infrastructure design and explore a new architecture when the telco contracts expire in 1.5 yrs. Also, analyze the current approach to address bandwidth shortcomings.
  • Determine what services to provide to the agents and what to charge as a tech fee. The goal is to give recommendations regarding how to increase revenue by charging a fee so that it won't negatively impact the agents.
  • Broker CTO is new to the real estate industry and in his first 90 days on the job. The goal is to offer recommendations and provide mentorship for the CTO that could help him to be successful in his new role.
  • Promote a higher capture rate with Broker's mortgage company and other ancillaries Broker realizes that as commission revenue is compressed, that income from the ancillaries becomes more critical.
  • Determine what apps are being used by agents independently as opposed to being provided by the home office. 
  • Assess education for the sales organization. How is education being conducted and delivered today, and how does it benchmark with the industry? The goal is to find ways to use technology to scale training efficiently.
  • Ascertain what has been the experience in the field with the various CMA products available to agents. Specifically, assess the adoption of the Broker's CMA product what strategies can be used going forward to drive adoption.